Young Vietnamese Women Prefer to Date Old Western Men

hot Vietnamese woman

It is a common phenomenon that young Vietnamese Women prefer dating or marrying older men who are at least 10 years older than them to be their husbands and boyfriends. Are you surprised at this? Here below are more details about it.

Almost seven tenth Vietnamese Women younger than 25 years old who participate a survey say that they prefer men who are at least 10 years older. Why is this? They said that those men are more graceful, mature and wealthier. Nowadays, it is not easy to earn a comfortable living for young men, so it is understandable that women want to find a man who has stable economic status.

It also found that Vietnamese women are becoming more and more open-minded about sex than western people used to think.Some 84 per cent men and 73 per cent women said they didn't care whether their future spouse was a virgin or not.

However, it is not that easy to have a relationship with a older man in Vietnam considering the culture there and the objection of their parents. Besides, it is common that men will have affairs with other women since they have much more experiences than their young Vietnamese wives or girlfriends.

Based on the facts written above, it seems to be a good choice for western men to look for a young Vietnamese beauty to be their partners. Why not have a try instead of keeping looking for your lovers in your own countries? Dating Young Vietnamese Beauties is never only a dream for you. Do you think that dating Vietnamese women is so hard because of the long distance between you and them? In fact, you don't need to worry about this since online Asian dating sites especially sites for dating Vietnamese women is very common now. Why not have a try now?

How to Approach Young Beautiful Vietnamese Women

For senior western men, it can not be denied that younger women are more attractive than those of the same age. Approaching them is the first step of dating younger pretty Vietnamese women for older men. How could senior men succeed in this initial stage? Here below are some tips for you guys.

Tips 1: Don’t treat them as women of your age. Young Vietnamese women are quite different from those of your age. They don’t need commitment like the old women. You don’t need to be straight away at the first beginning. In fact, uncertainty and mystery make them arise more interests in you.

Tips 2: Taking advantage of your age. In women’s opinions, young men are unreliable and arrogant, while older men have more life experiences and more confident. However, don’t let them feel like they are listening to their grandpa’s experiences of how to be a good young kid.

Tips 3: don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. Young men don’t know the difference between arrogance and confidence which really make them annoying in front of young women. However, older men usually know the difference and show their charm properly with great confident.

Tips 4: don’t forget the basics of approaching women. After all, you are approaching a woman. All the basic rules of dating a Vietnamese lady shall be applied here while dating a woman much younger than you. For example, no woman like men full of lies and fights with others all the time.

While approaching younger Vietnamese women, keep these 4 tips in mind and your chance of success should be increased in a very large degree.