Unique Bamboo Rain-hat Of Vietnamese Girls----Know More About Vietnamese Culture

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Vietnamese girls with a unique bamboo hat.

Speaking of Vietnamese culture, one sure-to-be-talked-about thing is their beautiful and traditional clothing. As to the clothing of Vietnamese girls. Ao Dai and their bamboo rain-hat are the most famous. The bamboo hat of Vietnamese women is a the characteristic part in Vietnam culture and travel. To foreigners, when it comes to Vietnam, they always are reminded of the scene that a slightly dark face with a bamboo hat protecting from sun in the tropical area. Perhaps you may have seen the photo of your Vietnamese girlfriend dressed in this way. Don't forget to give some words of compliments. They are really pretty.

Bamboo Hat Of Vietnamese Girls

Bamboo hats are made of bamboo and grass blades. They are light, brittle and porous so that they are very useful for those Vietnam people living in tropical area. Moreover, the cone-shaped hats were designed due to the long hair of the Vietnamese people. With the unique shape hair buns in all sizes and shapes can be held. The most noted is the bamboo hat in Hue, Vietnam. They are made of quality materials and reveal fine workmanship.

Vietnamese Bamboo hat is originally the basic necessity that is indispensable to Vietnam people. No matter they go out for work or go shopping, they would always wear a hat. It has long been a symbol of Vietnam people. For foreigner in Vietnam travel, the bamboo rain-hat is very distinctive. They like to buy them as keepsakes. The hats belong to a kind of art and have the value of collection. If you are visiting Vietnam, remember to bring one home.

Till now, whether it is in cities or countrysides, this kind of hat is liked by old and young. They are especially favored by Vietnamese girls. With the beautiful traditional clothes Ao Dai and the unique hat Vietnamese girls are attractive and charming. In recent years many western men want Vietnamese bride. With the economical development and the society changes, some young girls are no longer fond of the hats as the former generation. Though, with the unique hats Vietnamese ladies are extremely beautiful and charming among Asian girls.

Apart from the unique hat and beautiful Ao Dai, there is more wonderful and surprising content in the history of Vietnam. They are waiting for you to discover. Just have a trip and enjoy the rich and unique Vietnamese culture with your Vietnamese girlfriend .