Drinking Coffee With Your Beautiful Vietnamese Girl

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Having a coffee break with your Vietnamese girl

Are you dating a Vietnamese girl online? Do you find that you have become very fond of her after meeting and chatting online? If yes, fly to Vietnam to see her. It is really wonderful and romantic. Give her surprise and also hold your love. Just spend some wonderful and marvellous time with her. You can get around Vietnam or enjoy Vietnamese delicious food. One good idea is drinking coffee with her in a Vietnamese coffee shop when you are both tired for travelling. A sip of coffee will give both you and your girl a lift.

Vietnam is a second-largest coffee exporting country only behind Brazil. Coffee was introduced by the French and later it was integrated into the Vietnamese culture. In Vietnam coffee drinking has been a national pastime and it is a paradise for coffee-loving. With best climate and fertile soil for the cultivation of coffee beans Vietnamese coffee is top class. In Vietnam coffee is roasted and brewed in a traditional way. It is made with finely ground Vietnamese-grown dark coffee individually brewed with a small metal French drip filter into a cup containing about a quarter to a half as much sweetned condensed milk. For the hot days, you can add ice into the cup to cool your girlfriend. Therefore, its popularity is no less than Starbucks. During coffee break with your Vietnam girl, you can also talk about life and interesting things among the heady aroma of coffee.

There are mainly three famous kinds of coffee brands in Vietnam.

TRUNGNGUYEN is the largest Vietnamese coffee industry. It is the Vietnamese style of Starbucks. Its ingredients are from the Vietnam Highlands. So it smells a special and distinct aroma. It tastes medium bitter in the brew. With good taste it is aromatic and mellow. Enjoying TRUNGNGUYEN with your beautiful Vietnamese lady will be a perfect pastime. Moreover, this kind of coffee is especially right for girls.

The second famous brand is Highlands Coffee. Brought up in American, the boss is greatly influenced by Starbucks. Its striking logo can be seen in Hanoi, Saigon or any other busy places. With hot waitresses in red or blue in unison, lantern-shaped optical fiber, languid sofa and free Wifi access, it has drawn numerous foreign visitors, business people and modern girls. At the same time, it meets the financial requirements of the mid-class Vietnamese people. Take your Vietnamese woman to a Highlands coffee shop and enjoy the beautiful moments.

The last one is Vinacaffe. Though its lack of publicity, it tastes indeed good and savoury. Now having shopped for half a day with your beautiful Vietnamese woman, now find a coffee shop or a roadside coffee stall and have a cup of coffee to refresh you and her and your love.