Dave's Successful Asian Dating

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Marrying Asian brides is no longer a big news today. With the development of the world globalization, people are getting closer to each other as tools make the communication convenient, easy and smooth. Dating or marriage is no more limited to happen between people who may live in the same neighbourhood, share the same social circle, have a connection at work or just both speak English, the same native language. Internet makes it possible for people to find love or romance from other countries. As for the westerners, hot Asian girls are always their favourite daters. And here we will be happy to share the western guy Dave's Asian dating experience and his success story.

Unoptimistic beginning of Dave's Asian dating
Cai and I met through an Asian dating site a few years ago. At that time, I was forty five years old while Cai was a twenty-five-year young lady. We started with small talks about things we met in our daily life, hobbies and how we handled troubles. She was such a good listener and her upbeat attitudes deeply impressed me. So after several months, I decided to meet her in personal and I told my parents about my plan. But my parents looked at me with strange and said," Are you crazy, huh? Fly a long way to meet some Asian woman you just met online? Are you serious to develop a relationship with this unknown woman? You must be out of your mind, son!!" They were stubborn old people, but I had a strong feeling to Cai, so I spent much time in persuading my parents to accept my first date with my Vietnamese girl. Although it's never easy to teach the old to learn new things, but I made it. And now, my parents absolutely support online dating services, while I have won love of my beautiful Vietnamese bride.

Happy marriage life with my Viet lady
I should say I am a lucky man. I had gone through a marriage before I met Cai, and I never thought that I could find such a beautiful and considerate wife like Cai. She makes me feel love and find back my confidence in life again. After our marriage, she moved to my place in California, USA. My suck life is gone. No more dirty clothes. No more bloody hell lonely life with beers. Cai keeps the house clean and tidy, and puts some flowers in the living room. She is also good at cooking Vietnamese cuisines. I love Vietnamese food. Delicious! Tasty! Amazing! And I love this sexy hot Asian girl, because she fulfills my life and let me feel the joy of life once again. Cai, I will always love you.