Vietnamese Wedding In Cities Join Vietnamese Girls And Men

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Vietnamese girl formarriage

This is a Vietnemse woman for marriage. She is Sussan.

Girls always long for and like to imagine their wedding. Asian girls like it and so do Vietnamese girls. The wedding in Vietnamese country is different from that of Vietnamese cities. Vietnamese city wedding has new and unique characteristics.
Vietnamese city wedding is commonly held on Sunday or Saturday.Saturday wedding is more frequently seen. Because there are six workdays in a week and on Saturday the friends of Vietnamese girls and men are having a day off. Fiends and relatives get together to attend the wedding, which creates a more festive and lively atmosphere. In Vietnam, with the development and progress of the society, people turn to love freedom. The legally marriage age for Vietnamese women and men are respectively 18 and 20.
Vietnamese wedding is completed in 2 days. The first day Vietnam bride and bridegroom must be present at the home of the groom. The second day it is held in the home of the Vietnamese girl and the groom will not make an appearance.

In Vietnamese wedding there is no difference between poor and rich people. Wedding is almost the same. And moreover, when you attend a wedding, the gift you present should be not too expensive. The gift that can express your regards and congratulations is the best.

The musts in traditional wedding are almost the same no matter you are common people or missionaries. The only difference is that rich people prefer European wedding style at hotels while common people tend to like traditional one. In the traditional wedding, Vietnamese bride wears Aodai and groom wear a suit. Aodai is the traditional clothes of Vietnamese women and it serves as a foil of their slim and pretty figure. The wedding is held relatives and friends are treated at home.

The master of ceremony will officiate at the wedding and he always talk about something interesting related to bride and groom and introduce them. Then the new couple go to stage and address their parents and express their gratefulness to friends. Some couples will refer to the process of their falling in love. All the people like to hear the love story.
After the wedding reception, relatives and friends go home and the young people begin their nightlife celebration.

The above are the general introduction to Vietnam wedding. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam or even marry a kind and pretty Vietnamese girl, you will know more about the Vietnamese style of wedding.