Have A Nice Talk With Your Vietnamese Girls

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Vietnamese girls are regarded as kind and warm girls among Asian women. In recent years, the world is becoming smaller and smaller and the Internet Dating Services have provided gentlemen with a convenient way to seek a good Vietnamese bride and wife.
Taking the advantages of Internet, men from different countries begin to chat with their dream Vietnamese women and even fly to Vietnam to meet them. When you date hot Vietnamese girls, the following suggestions can help you achieve a nice talk with your Vietnamese girls.

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese but there are many girls who can speak English, Chinese and French. It is good for you to learn some basic Vietnamese. To better chat with your Vietnamese woman, have a look at the forms below.

English Vietnamese
Hello Chào
Please Xin làm ơn
Thank you very much Cám ơn (bà/cô/ông/em) nhiêù
You're welcome Không có chi / Không dám
Yes/No Dạ/Không
What is your name? Tên (bà/cô/ông/em) là gì?
Friend Bạn

Sometimes Vietnamese tend to answer "da"(yes) to all questions and perhaps because "da" have many meanings or it is a polite way to express "Yes, I see," " Sorry, I am confused" and so on. When your girl answers you like this, listen carefully to her tones and read her facial expressions to know what she means with "da" and not to get angry easily.

In Vietnamese culture people think highly of harmony and peace. They always avoid conflict in conversations and prefer to talk about sensitive subjects in an indirect way when they have to speak of them. Moreover, they speak in a low voice all the time even in bargaining about prices so that they look kind and gentle. This implies that Vietnamese like polite persons.Next time you call your Vietnamese girlfriend, remember this.

Just as what I have said, Vietnamese are aimed to create warm and harmonious atmosphere. "Smile" is widely used in the non-verbal language in Vietnam. It can be used to show gratefulness, apologies, replies for compliments, greeting or agreement. And Vietnamese tend to use "smile" to show these emotions rather than verbal language. When someone scolds you for your sake, you can response with a smile to imply your acknowledgement to your mistakes.

As we know that, in cultures of many countries looking into her or his eyes is used to show respect to the one we are talking with. But in Vietnam, avoid eye contact to show respect when talking with your girl or other Vietnamese, especially someone older than you , someone in a higher social position, and someone who is of different gender.

Though many Vietnamese girls have turned to the international customs and cultures, there are some who don't change their customs. When you have a conversation with your Vietnam lady, take note of them and be sure that your manners and words do not make your girl unhappy so that your date will become brighter and your girl will also like you better.