What You Must Know Before Marrying A Vietnam Bride

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1 Vietnamese girls are between 158 cm and 165 cm in height and some are above the average height of Vietnam girls and reach the height of 170 cm and more. When they wear the traditional clothes----Ao Dai, their beauty is manifest to the fullest. If you want to date a Vietnamese bride, you had better be taller than the girl you date and chat online.
2 Not all of the Vietnamese women are black and there are many white Vietnamese girls. They are beautiful and have slim figure. Most of them have tall graceful forms. Moreover, they are tender.
3 Vietnamese brides are after all Vietnamese and their cultural background, living customs and other aspects are different from that of your countries. Therefore, after you marry a Vietnamese bride, it takes some time to understand and adapt to each other and your family members. You must understand that. Only if you two and your family are patient can you lead a happy and harmonious life. Because problems in everyday life are unavoidable, let alone in a family relating to cross cultural marriage.
4 You must take care of your Vietnamese bride for a period after marriage. Because she perhaps cannot find a job owing to different factors such as unfamiliarity with your country and little language obstacles.
5 Girls in Vietnam counties generally received secondary or senior high school education. Those who have graduated from university are brought up in a quite fair family.
6 If you really want to marry the Vietnam girl, you had better meet up with her in Vietnam before marrying. This is for your benefit. After first sight, you can have further understanding of the Vietnam girl you dating online.
7 Generally speaking, many Vietnamese girls want to marry foreigners. On one hand, there is no doubt that some Vietnamese women want cross cultural marriage in order to raise the standard of living. Because in some regions and villages of Vietnam the family finance is tight. You can provide some help to the family of your dating Vietnam girl if necessary or if you have the ability. But most of the Vietnam girls are independent and can earn their own living. On the other hand, the ratio of men to women in Vietnam is imbalanced---- about 2:5 0r 3:5. Additionally, the status of women in Vietnam is low. It may be part of the causes.
8 Most of the Vietnam girls are conservative and virtuous. They can take good care of their whole family and her family and husband are everything to her.. After marrying you should care for her----respect and be kind to her. Then your marriage will be happier and happier.