Great Merits of Vietnamese Brides

beautiful and nutural Viet girl

There is a interesting story about how easy to win love of Vietnamese girls. A westerner went to Vietnam for holiday and he met a pretty local girl on a bus to a popular tourist attraction. Attracted by her natural beauty and pureness, he started a conversation with her. He asked her age and marital status. Then the girl told him in unfluent English shyly that she was just twenty four and single. Then the gentleman said to the girl in a unserious and playful tone:" I like you very much, would you be my girlfriend?" She had a serious look at him and thought for a while, and then she nodded her head saying yes. At last they exchanged phone numbers and really became couples after a short-term communication. So it is quite easy to get a Viet girl since the Vietnamese have lower standard to their matches. While on the other side, these women have many merits that women from other countries do not possess.

A) Lower standard to her ideal man and easy to satisfy. Women in Vietnam are confronting serious and severe situation of marriage. The ratio of male to female has lost balance and it is much more difficult for women to find a lifetime partner than men. Even they have got married, they severe feel unsafe and are betrayed by their husbands, who flirt with other women all the time. Besides, the living condition is bad in Vietnam. As a consequence, ladies in this country want to marry foreigners, who are willing to build up a family with her, provide her a little better living conditions and are faithful to the relationship. They are so easy to satisfy and all they want is just the most basic requirement on marriage. For further information, you can read my another post Vietnamese Girls Love Foreign Husbands.

B) An excellent housekeeper and family-orientated. Many traditional countries used to require that women should be good at housework and take good care of kids and old parents at home, while the men work outside and earn money to support the family. The society makes a lot of progress and a great number of women get jobs out of home. However, as an developing traditional country, Vietnam still keeps that traditional view on women. For that, Vietnam women have been taught to do all the housework and be obedient to husband since childhood. So they should be excellent housekeepers by keeping the house clean, cooking you the delicious Vietnamese food and taking good care of family relationships.

C) Beautiful appearance and good figure. Owing to the great nature and comfortable weather, hot Asian girls can be seen everywhere in this country. But their beauty is different from that of western women. Simple, natural, sincere and with a little shyness. They tend to give you comfortable feeling rather than a shock at her stunning appearance as the western women do. Besides, they can easily keep a good shape even in their forties. It seems that God loves these women and gives them all these gifted advantages.