Vietnamese Girls Love Foreign Husbands

Vietnamese women seeking love overseas

Marriage is always the biggest thing in one's life. In the present world, with the swift development of information technology and Internet, people are able to communicate with each other any time, anywhere or even under different culture background. And this gives the chance and convenience to those people who want to seek a transnational marriage through online dating. Then for women in Vietnam, the foreign marriage are popular. And also these Asian brides receive warm welcome from other countries because of their tenderness, diligence and obedience. Since these ladies have so many advantages, why do they want to marry someone growing in a different culture and speaking foreign language?

More women but less men. As an underdeveloped Asian country, Vietnam had been involved in wars for years and a lot of male adults of this country died during that period. Then this lost leads to the serious imbalance of male to female ratio in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnamese girls have to turn to other countries for a husband.

Most Thai men tend to be irresponsible, unfaithful and unreliable. Based on the phenomena of gender imbalance, it is common for men in this country to have an affair with other Vietnamese women without any guilty feeling or shame to her wife. Besides, many Vietnamese brides have to work outside to support the family and do all the housework to please her Thai husband, while their husbands just hang around, flirt with women, have a trivial talk or do the gambling. However, no matter how hard these women work for her family or how much they love their husbands, female can gain little respect from this country. The social position of the men is much higher than that of Vietnam women and it is her fate to devote everything to the family, the society. While in the foreigners' eyes, Vietnamese females are so beautiful from outside to the inside. They appreciate these ladies for her diligence, sacrifice to family and faith to her husband. And for that, Vietnam women know foreign husbands can give them more love and cherish them.

Living conditions are better overseas. Although Vietnam develops very fast and is getting better year by year, there are still a majority of Thai people living with bare necessities. Its average salary is much lower than many other countries. Under the situation, finding a foreign husband and moving abroad seems a good choice for Vietnamese girls to improve their living conditions.

In all, the reasons of why Vietnam women love foreign husbands are quite understandable and meanwhile these hot Asian girls are believed to be good wives and worthy to be cherished by foreign men.