Vietnamese Girls -Marry For Love!

Vietnamese women

Lots of people have this kind of thought that Vietnam women do not get married for love but for money! It is not all the truth! In my opinion, there are still a great number of girls want to marry someone she loves in her life, no matter she is from Vietnam or any other country. Those people who say that Vietnamese girls would like to give up everything including her love in or order to chase money and be a material girl may have some misunderstanding of the way they show love. She does not love you fiercely and strongly like the women in your country. Instead, her love is simple, plain and soft, you can just sense it through some details or trivial things in daily life. Here a real story of a Vietnamese wife taking care of her foreign husband who is not in capable of walking.

Huang, the leading man of this story, went from China to earn money as a construction worker in Vietnam, where he met his Vietnamese bride, Lethithao. She was a young and kind girl, leaving Huang a good impression at the first sight. And this young man, though poor in material life, won the love of this kind-hearted Viet girl with his sincerity and love, finally got married a year after they met and went back to China, his hometown, dreaming a better future.

However, unfortunately, Huang had to spend his life in the wheelchair because of an accident not long after the marriage. Everyone around had believed that Lethithao would leave him behind and go back to Vietnam. On the other side, Huang felt sad and disappointed with life and did not want to be a burden to Lethithao, so he told her to leave him too. But, this Vietnamese woman didn't do that. She worked harder than before and spared no effort to look after her foreign husband carefully and thoughtfully even Huang often threw temper to her.

Then things go in that way about a year. The Vietnamese bride finally decided to go back to Vietnam. The night before Lethithao left, she came to Huang and told him she would be back to him with money, which could be enough for them to have a test-tube baby. She wanted to have his baby and carried on the family line. While people were not surprised to see that and took it for granted, they persuaded Huang to forget her and move on. Because they were convinced that nobody was willing to spend the whole life with someone incapable of taking care of himself, let alone taking care of others.

Surprisingly, the Asian girl did come back. She kept her word. With the money she brought back from Vietnam, they had got a test-tube baby boy. Now Lethithao raised some rabbits to support the family and this three-member family live a happy and simple life together.

From this real story, you can see Vietnamese brides will be willing to sacrifice herself for her love, her foreign husband. They can marry for LOVE!!