How To Please The Family of Your Vietnamese Girlfriend?

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Beautiful Vietnam girl

Have you ever traveled to Vietnam to meet the family members from the side of your Vietnamese girl? Have you ever been deeply disturbed by how to behave in the presence of the your ladies' parents? Are you worried about how to make a good impression on the family members of Vietnamese girlfriend? Are you still thinking about measures to avoid offending the relatives of your beautiful Vietnam lady? Here are some basic Vietnamese customs. Have a look. They can be of great help.
Vietnam is a country with more than 50 nationalities, for Jing, Dai, Mang, Miao and so on. In this rich country people remain different customs and folks in living ,clothing, accommodation and other aspects. However, Vietnamese people pay great attention to good manners and etiquette and their ideas on this aspect have much in common on the whole.

Greeting People
Vietnamese are strict in formalities and many believe in Buddhism. Generally speaking, they don't hug or kiss to greet guests. At religious places and in formal gatherings they cross their hands in a pray-like gesture and bow slightly when meeting people though this greeting way is more often used in its neighbouring Thailand. The second way is to shake hands and say the equivalent of "How are you?". Men always tip their hats when greeting people. One thing we must know is that it is best not to offer hands with a Vietnamese woman unless she offers her hand first.

Vietnamese will not introduce themselves immediately unless they are asked to. This may be closely related to their innate shyness. They always call people by Mr./ Mrs./Miss plus family name at the first meeting. If people call each other secret name or nickname, it indicates their relation are intimate.When meeting and talking to the elder and owner, you should first address her or him. Otherwise you will be considered impolite and offensive.

During Meals
Traditional Vietnam families like to have meals on a mat, sitting in a ring. If you are invited to have meals on the mat, it signals that your girl's family think highly of you. When there are many elders, eat after them. If you do so, people will like you very much. Additionally, don't refuse wine and food people entertain you with.

Don't pat Vietnamese people's head or shouldler.
Don't praise babies for their fat bodies or faces.
Don't speak rudely at the beginning of a month or a new year. Vietnamese think the bad words can result bad luck.
Do'n't look into their eyes when you are talking to someone, which aims to show politeness and respect for elders and betters.
Don't pick up food with your chopsticks from bowls.

Learn these customs by heart and do as mentioned above. You can win the praise of Vietnamese girl and bring happiness and joy to your ladies' family and yourself.