Enjoy Exotic Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food

Vietnam, located to the southeast of Asia, is famous for its exotic food all over the world. The famous Vietnamese food is regarded as on of the most healthy and delicious food in the world because of its fresh ingredients and excellent cooking techniques. The cuisines are mainly based on two tastes, sour and spicy. And then chicken, beef, pork, fish and other seafood are the most common meat used to cook a delicious Vietnam meal, which are steamed, boiled or stir-fried. Today I am going to introduce the most popular delicious Vietnam dishes to you. Hope you enjoy.

Lemongrass chicken. Yummy. This dish is steamed. The lemongrass makes it smell fragrant, the characteristic Vietnamese soy sauces improve the taste and it is easy to chew. If you like eating chicken, you should order and enjoy this lemongrass chicken in an authentic Vietnam restaurant.

Curry beef brisket hot pot. Spicy and hot! As you can know it literally that it is made of beef and curry. But it must be different from that you make by yourself or you ate before, because I've tried. When it comes to a dish, you know, it is very important to make sure the ingredients fresh, what's more, the cooking techniques is the key to turn it into the tasty Vietnamese food eventually. So I strongly recommend you this typical local food.

Wrap and roll. My favourite! Love it! There are various types of wrap and rolls and most of them are stuffed chiefly with prawn, pork, mushroom and other ingredients. However, some people are vegetarians and would like it to be made without meat, such as red bean paste rolls and red fruit filling rolls. And those are also very delicious.

Hanoi noodles. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, which is famous for its noodles. The most amazing part of the Hanoi noodles is the soup that needs to be bolted about eight hours, which is with shrimps and other seafood in it. The noodles taste nice and tender an can be digested easily.

Sour and spicy soup. It is made of tomatoes, seafood or other meat, and some spices. It helps to improve the appetites and make you eat more.

Vietnamese pay much attention to the color, smell and taste of the food, which you can tell from the above dishes. Besides it is said that Vietnamese food is under deep influences of Chinese and French style cuisines and have been improved to meet the taste of Vietnamese. In that case, no wonder people from Asia or from the western countries love to enjoy this characteristic Vietnamese cuisines.