Guidelines for Vietnamese Travel

Vietnamese travel

Vietnam is a country with rich culture and history. It is a popular tourist destination. The following are useful Vietnam travel tips.

Travel Seasons
It is fit for travel all the year around, especially in fine and warm winter. Main Traditional holidays are celebrated From October to next April. When one travel this time, one can appreciate many traditional folks and customs. For example, Vietnamese makes and eats zongba (a kind of dumpling made of glutinous rice) during festivals in each family; they set fireworks at New Year's Eve; they offer ancestral sacrifices with fruits, to name just a few.

Preparation for Vietnam travels
Due to the average annual temperature of 20 centigrade degrees, Vietnamese are casually dressed in shirts, trousers, leather shoes or slippers. Nowadays Vietnamese are becoming more and more open-minded, especially Vietnamese girls. Many are influenced by westerner styles. Clothes travellers take should be comfortable and light to wear. In case of strong sunlight sunglasses and a sun-proof are advised. However, in south Vietnam tourist should take some warm clothing to provide protection from the extreme cold in winter. But South Vietnam are in summer all the year round, thin clothes are appropriate. Based on Lunar calendar, the traditional festivals consist of Tomb- sweeping Day, Dragon oat Festival and some public holidays including Mid- autumn Day, Pangu Festival and Festival for worshipping and welcoming the kitchen.

Business time
Vietnam practices the regulation of 6 workdays and 48 working hours. In public enterprises and institutions people work less than 8 hours every day. Bank staff are on duty from 8:00 to 3:00 and rest on Saturdays. Restaurants and hotels are on business generally until 20:00. while department stores last till 22:00. Museum workers always have Monday off.

Vietnam's currency
The currency name is D(shorted for Dong) and all the currencies are paper currency. Face values are at 500000, 200000, 100000, 50000,20000, 10000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 , 200 and so on. People always regard 200 as the minimum when buying goods. Fees of accommodation and train tickets are all priced in dollars. In Vietnam banks provide exchange of all foreign currencies. So it is the most convenient to take dollars. One dollar can exchange for 13000 but the exchange rate varies from time to time.

Transportation in Vietnam
The main means of transportation is motorcars and pay attention to road safety when travelling. Cross the road where there is a traffic light. Eat in normal restaurants instead of dining at sidewalk snack booths.

Every country has its own laws and regulations. Before traveling to certain country, be sure to have a general knowledge of the country. Otherwise his or her travel may be clouded with fear and difficulties. In the event that one do know little about Vietnam , don't worry. Vietnamese girls and gentlemen are ready to give a hand to visitors. They are warm and kind. You can search for more Vietnam travel tips to made your travel pleasant and your travel partners delighted.