Gregory’s Happy Story with His Viet Lady

Asian dating

Dating or even marring an Asian girl is not uncommon these days. According to some surveys carried out by , finding an Asian girl as wife has become the wish of many men from western countries. To fulfill the wish, a lot of them choose to focus their eyes on some dating websites. Today a gentleman is here to share his experience and success story with us. His name is Gregory Lepage.

Fall in Love at First Sight
Hoping to find a true love, I registered an account on iDateAsia two years ago. I was quickly scanning the profiles of the ladies on the site when suddenly a stunning girl caught my sight. She is Truc, a beautiful Vietnamese girl. Of all the women right here I just found Truc. Without too much thinking, I chat to her at once, and she responded to me very soon. That day was March, 19th . In the process of communication, we found that we two had many common topics. Although she was not good at English at that time, we had pleasant talking with the help of the translator. I felt her as sincere as me myself in the aspect of looking for lifetime partner. From our chatting, I knew she had a happy family and they really supported her finding a husband! After several months talking, we both thought it was the right time to meet each other in person. I flew to Vietnam and she picked me up with two translators in the airport. Excitingly that Truc recognized me at first sight! I found her more pretty than her photos shown in our letters. I proposed her that day and she accepted with shy smile. I was sure I would never forget that moment when we first met in my whole life.

Happy Marriage with My Beloved Viet Lady
Our wedding ceremony was held in her country on June 6th and everything followed Vietnamese traditions. Her family members helped us a lot with all the arrangements. Really thanks them a lot. I am still excited right now when I recall that special day. Now I’ ve come back to my hometown in America with my wife and we already have our first child. Truc is a considerate and caring wife and she gets much better in her English. Have no words to express my happy feeling now. I know in the future we may face some difficulties but we will go ahead together till the end of our lives. At last I want to extend my gratitude to idateasia again. You let me find my love, my true love.