Is It Good to Marry A Young Vietnamese Woman Via Online Dating Site?

Cute Vietnamese girl

According to some surveys on Vietnamese dating, it reals that most western men over 50 like to date young beautiful Vietnamese women. So here comes a question: what is the appropriate age gap between couples, especially cross-cultural couples? It seems that most people think that 3 or 4 years is the most proper gap. Is it really the case? Does it mean that older men’s marrying younger women is not acceptable? In my opinion, it is definitely not that case.
According to a study in Finland, the most ideal age gap is 14.6 years. With the age difference like this, the reproductive success rate can be much higher than others. This study is based on the church records of 700 couples’ marriages, so the result can be trusted.

However, nowadays the most common age difference seems to be 3 years or so. The biggest reason for this might be the marriage custom and the culture of the country. It seems to be weird if you date a girl who is 20 year younger than you in public. It is very often that the comments of your friends and relatives stop the relationships between the younger Vietnamese ladies and you.

In my opinion, there is no standard age difference between couples. The most important thing goes to what you really want. If the Vietnam lady is really suitable for you while she was 15 years younger than you, what you need to do is forget the age and think whether you two are really perfect match. Study results are just for your reference, dating younger Vietnamese women and marrying a beautiful young Vietnamese bride is never a wrong choice if you think she is just the right one.

Many senior men dream of having a beautiful young wife who is about 20 years younger. However, I have a question for you: Do you know the Pros and Cons of marrying such young women? If not, I recommend you reading the following points and decide whether it is suitable for you to have young wives.

Pros of Marrying Young Vietnamese Women
1. More energetic. Usually, young Vietnam women are more energetic than those of your age. They will have enough energy to manage properly both her career and domestic issue. Also, they are sexier and more passionate while having sex.

2. Have better health condition. Younger beautiful Vietnamese women should have better health bodies than those women of old age. And this ensures that they can work hard in their career and conceive. There seems to be hardly risk for them to get pregnant. What’s more, it is believed that the baby will be much healthier than the babies whose mothers are older women.

3. Have more care from others. Since they are still young, they should still be in frequent touch with their friends and families. Once they need help, supports and advices from others, their friends, parents and even relatives will offer their help. As a result, you might have less pressure in this situation.

Cons of Marrying Young Vietnamese Women
Lack of life experience. Young women lack enough life experiences and thus often don’t know how to deal with certain things. As their husbands, you will always be ready to answer their questions or even offer helps. You must be a very patient man; otherwise, you will lose your temper easily. Also, they do not know what they really want in their life.

As a result, whether to marry a young beautiful Vietnamese woman depends on what you want from her. If all you want is a beautiful submissive Asian bride and a happy family life, Vietnamese woman can be a good choice to you!