Find Beauty in Vietnam

Find Beauty in Vietnam

A lot of people love travelling and try to visit all types of places on the planet just to participate in a very restful vacation that guarantees them a whole lot of adventure as well. And if you're searching for an Asian adventure, why not take a trip to Vietnam?

1. Take a trip through the Cu Chi Tunnels, which is an extremely detailed network that goes all the way to 500 km. These tunnels were made use of during the American-Indochina wars, and still have useful facilities like printing presses and kitchens. You may go for a tour with your friends and family members, being treated to a detailed description of these tunnels.

2. Pay a visit to Haiphong, which is also called the City of Flower-lined Streets. It is the 3rd largest city in the country, and you may find a whole lot of points of interest to see and take a trip to, including the Du Hang Pagoda. This pagoda is something which has many historical significance, being constructed back in ancient times.

3. Halong Bay is an ideal spot for paddling in Quang Ninh. As a matter of fact, it's one of the country's most beautiful places to go see, with some truly astonishing limestone formations that you would desire to take pictures of. There are also some coves which are perfect for excursions during late at night, along with other kinds of activities to be involved in, such as kayaking.

4. Of course, you will find several restaurants to check out as well, so feel free to take part in some good old fashioned Vietnamese food, including Bho and Bot Chien.

5. The national park of Hanoi, the National Preserve of Cuc Phuong, is home to over 64 species of fauna, along with thousand other varieties of flora. You will find all types of interesting creatures to go see, like flying lizards, and you can find some grottoes in which many artifacts were once brought to light.

6. You can also check out the History Museum in Hanoi, as it provides you many different artifacts from the old days. You can learn about the proto-Vietnamese way of living, which dates back to the 1st & 2nd millennia, BC. There is also the Dong Son civilization or even the Mekong Delta to learn all about.

7. Last but not least, you may also go visit Hoi An, which was a commercial port for traders from China, France, Netherlands and Portugal. It is well-known for the mass production of silk, one of the most unaffordable fabrics on the planet, along with ceramics.

And during the travelling in Vietnam, you may meet some beautiful Vietnamese girls. It's a great chance to get an gorgeous Asian girlfriend, which also brings much fun to your Asian adventure.