Beautiful Vietnamese Women Seek Western Men for Marriage

Gorgeous Vietnamese bride

International marriage is increasing every year around the world. Meanwhile, Vietnamese wife is no longer limited to find a husband domestically. Ladies in this traditional country are less traditional or conservative but more open-minded since they have got chances to know more about the outside world, foreign cultures and people from other countries via medium, network or other methods. Attracted by the gentleness and romanticism of westerners, more and more sexy Vietnamese women tend to have a transnational marriage, especially those from coastal areas and well-developed cities in Vietnam. It's a trend of marrying overseas for the modern Vietnamese women.
Why Vietnamese Women Seek Love Oversea
Somebody may feel confused and doubt the real intention of the beautiful Vietnamese girls who want to get a overseas husband since there are a lot of Vietnamese young men available to be a life partner. Here I've collected some relative, useful information based on a great quantity of data and would like to share with you guys.
Love comes first. Why are these women in Vietnam choosing to get married with a foreigner by overcoming so much difficulty like language barrier, unfamiliar living environment and new social circle? It is because of love. Just like music, love is regardless of nationality. People meet and fall in love. Generally speaking, this kind of transnational marriage happens based on two situations. One is that regular contacts with foreign men at work or in life creates chances for love. The other can be that Vietnamese women have been frustrated or hurt in previous marriage with Vietnamese men and lose confidence and trust in the domestic love, so they turn to foreign countries for true love and stable marriages.
Secondly, mutual attraction of different culture. Many foreigners are always fascinated by the long mysterious history and culture of Vietnam. And women in Vietnam are attracted by the frankness, enthusiasm, freedom and romanticism of western nations. Then this mutual attraction caused by different culture can improve the emotion and affection. On the one side, it's joyful time for a foreign husband to enjoy a tasty authentic Vietnamese meal cooked by his Vietnamese wife;on the other side, Vietnamese wife will be easily happy and touched by the western-style romantic actions. She will be thankful to receive flowers from her foreign husband in a birthday party or wedding anniversary, because Vietnamese husbands seem to know little about romance and always ignore the romantic moments which means a lot to a lady.
The third reason should be that Vietnamese wives enjoy good reputation in foreign countries. To most westerners, oriental females are traditional, docile, considerate, good at housekeeping, family-orientated and willing to sacrifice everything to her husband. All these particular characteristics make Vietnamese women feel proud and confident when they are facing foreign love and dealing with overseas marriages. They sense the appreciation and love to be respected in the very foreign marriages.
Fourthly, more Vietnamese women can speak English. More than twenty years ago, English became an important compulsory course in the schools of Vietnam. And this language is more popular and widely used in Vietnam today. So the language barrier seems to be no more a big problem for communication. Even some Vietnamese women know little about English or her level on this language is really low, believe it or not, most overseas Vietnamese wives learn quickly and can use English freely soon with the help of her foreign husband and under the natural language surroundings. For that, it releases the women from worry about communication barrier with foreign husband.
The last but not the least reason is that foreign husband treats stepchildren better. As I mentioned above, gorgeous Vietnamese ladies are family-orientated and they also pay much attention to their children. Then among these seeking-overseas-marriage women, some are divorcees or widows. Child from the former marriage always becomes an obstacle to the remarriage in Vietnam, because most Vietnamese think highly of blood linkage and favor his own kids much over stepchild. But in the western step-families, father usually gives the same attention and care to his stepchild as he gives to his own sons and daughters. In that case, Vietnamese single mother would be more happier to marry a overseas stepfather of her child and she will be willing to love him more.
Vietnam Woman Facing Unfavorable Domestic Marital Situation
Apart from the above chief reasons for Vietnamese singles marrying overseas, the marital situation in Vietnam also does no good to these sensible and tender ladies. It is difficult for them to find a suitable lifetime partner or soul-mate in their homeland. The following are the problems of the marriage in the present Vietnam.
Speeding dating, flash marriage and flash divorce. In the rapid developing society, everything is in the fast pace. Even what we are mostly eating is called fast food. Unfortunately, this fast-food style has been transferred to our marriages. People date each other and quickly move to the next stage, marriage, in a very short time. But not long after the honeymoon, these couples end up with flash divorce. Most of these poor victims are young people. They easily get hotheaded and make decisions in haste. So the instant marriage in Vietnam frightens Vietnamese singles, and they would like to find a mature man from other countries.
Men are irresponsible and unfaithful to his wife. Many couples have a sweet romantic period before they get married. However, after the marriage his feeling to her seems to be fading and he begins to flirt with other beautiful Vietnamese girls around him. He even has an affair with her best friend and she is the last one to find out the truth eventually. Most Vietnamese husbands have an affair but keep it in secret. As a result, Vietnamese ladies would rather find a mature and older foreign guy than be cheated by Vietnamese husband without knowing the affair.
Life pressures. Although women in Vietnam become more independent economically, they still feel different kinds of life pressures. So they get married with someone partly because he can release her from those stresses and give her a less anxious life. I believe it can be understandable and acceptable for everyone.
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